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Bike Week Daytona Beach 2005

March 4 - March 13, 2005 The 64rd Anniversary Bike Week

March 14, 2005 Monday


Spawn Motorcycle At Rat's Hole Show
New motorcycle manufacturer Merlin Motors
Drag bike Burn-out at Broken Spoke on Fri.(this is not our normal quality, no sound)
1943 German Military Motorcycle on Main St. on Sat.
RC51 dyno/dragstrip run on V-Twin Magizine machine on Beach St. on Fri.
Monocoque frame motorcycle part1
Monocoque frame motorcycle part2


Coming Soon


March 13, 2005 Sunday

Today is the best day to go riding or cruise Main St. for the last half week. We have photos and videos from Main St. on Fri. and Sat. and from the Big Daddy Rat Show on Sat. They will be post sometime tonight. We have photos and video of an all original WWII German military motorcycle cruising Main St. with its machine gun mounted to its sidecar.

We will have a video interview with a new motorcycle manufacturer. Similar interviews will show up on American Thunder and Two Wheel Tuesday, but you will see it here first.

Also video(no audio) of a drag bike doing a burn out at Broken Spoke with a Winston Cup/NASCAR tire (at least 24' wide). They were demo-ing a tire change of 10 seconds between 3 burnouts.

March 10, 2005 Thursday

We finally have pictures.
Iron Horse.
Broken Spoke.
Boot Hill.
People crossing N. U.S.1.
The girls.
The guy (for the girls).
Couple hanging out at an unusual location enjoying the view.

We should have live video and audio coming from the Daytona SportBike Expo tomorrow from 2 to 4pm and Sat from 10 to 2 pm of the dyno runs.

March 8, 2005

The Main St. live cam is currently operating.

March 5, 2005

The N. U.S.1 live cam is currently looking at Iron Horse Saloon and Boot Hill Saloon. The Main St. cam will be running Tue. Click Live Videos on the left to get the live feeds.

March 3, 2005

One more day to go. All the vendors are ready to go. The weather is still waiting for bikeweek to start (currently cold and wet). Our Main St. live video will be ready to go on Fri. or Sat. Click Live Videos on the left to get the live feeds.

February 15, 2005

Two hours of new video has been added to covering BikeWeek 2004 has been added.

Also videos will be added on what street construction and changes that that have been made since the last time you have visited the Daytona Beach area.

January 27, 2005

Boot Hill Saloon announcement. Picture 1
Picture of new location. Picture 2
Picture of new location. Picture 3

Iron Horse Saloon new sign. The old one was destroyed by the hurricanes. Picture 4

January 26, 2005

Boot Hill Saloon has a new home on N. U.S.1 to compete against Iron Horse and Broken Spoke.
Jackson Hole Saloon is DOA. Rest in peace with all the other bars/restaurant in the sky.

We will have pictures this week of these shocking events.

That big motorcycle dealer in Daytona Beach is still dreaming of their new dream home on N. U.S. 1. It is about 50% completed and we will pictures of their partially completed home.

Triumph will be showing their new motorcycle on Main St. at Bike Week.

Serving Daytona Beach Bike Week since 1996 (This is even longer than the DAB official bike week site).


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