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Feb. 27 - March 7, 2004 The 63rd Anniversary Bike Week

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Check back weekly to check on pictures and reports on what has changed before you come into Daytona Beach. We will give you pictures on the progress on the new 100,000 sq.ft. dealership in north Ormond which was suppose to be opened before BikeWeek 2004 but now has been delayed (money does not always buy you everything).
We will have the new rules that Daytona Beach is posting for BikeWeek, SpeedWeek and BCR here also.
We will find out if Bikers Paradise survived the flood at New Smyrna Beach Speedway with all the rain from last year (they shut down before the end of BikeWeek). We give it to you the way we see it (unedited and uncensored).
This site is under heavy construction with proper color, graphics, font size and color instead of the normal black and white report of BikeWeek.
Biker's Paradise is DOA. Another promotions group is taking over and holding events at the Volusia County Fair Grounds.

That motorcycle dealership has not learned what deceptive advertising means yet (picture). They still have their sign out in north Ormond Beach that says coming in Bike Week 2004. That one of two signs probably has caused them a lot of problems when they put one of them on a federal right-of-way. They are expected to be completed at the end of 2004. The local newspaper also says that there is a truck stop is going to be built up there also.

The BattleBeach people is moving their event to the end of January during the Daytona 24 Hour races.
We will have the rice-burners, the bikes that shake, rattle, lose parts, drip oil and breakdown (HEY!, they sound good), and the European specials covered this year. Remember it is not what you ride or what vendors are here or plague of vendors or gouged by motels and not loved by the City of Daytona Beach (they don't love anyone anymore), it is the people who you meet here and ride with that counts the most.
We are adding a new section- pre-bikeweek with video maps, photos, alternative routes and directions.

Please help by sending us your hi-res photos of bikeweek 2004. What makes you come to BikeWeek (ie. too much snow up north, the aurora lights told me to, the mudslides, the forest made me too lonely, etc). Also send us your winter bike riding photos, include your name, where the photos were taken and a paragraph or so description. - Email Us Here

Email to bikeweek1 at the bottom of this page. Pre-BikeWeek2004.
We will have Bike Week Master Plan near the end of this week. It covers hours, location, noise ordinance, vendor location, specified setup time and breakdown time for Daytona Beach. The city just passed by one vote to have bikes and a bike show on the boardwalk for the 15th annual show there. Visit the boardwalk before this historic landmark disappears. The City has been trying to demolish this area for the last 15 years. They have built hotels around the Bandshell (you see pictures of the Bandshell in Daytona Beach postcards) which has destroyed this historic view.
I also found out why Daytona Beach has no money, State of Florida siphons off the money for their own use. Out of the 90 millions dollars the city collects in sales taxes, the city only receives 3 million.
Daytona Beach World Famous, but dirt poor.
I almost forgot, the big event that happens on Beach St. will happen this year, but maybe not next year. Remember what I said that someone is moving to a new home.
We will introduce our new site layout next week, where you can read reviews, pictures, videos, informative articles year round. Stay Tuned.
We are working on giving you a boundary map of the official Bike Week area in Daytona Beach and who is where and doing what. It is about 80 pages of documents that we are currently going through to give you the summary of the best info. Thanks to The Daytona Beach Chamber for the documents. They are the official host and coordinators of Bike Week in Daytona Beach.
We have pictures of the businesses that make Bike Week happen in north Ormond Beach.
Do not rely on the local newspaper for correct facts. They still list BIKER'S PARADISE still happening. They are no longer in business and disconnecting the phone number next week. This is probably why most business people do not read this newspaper and read the other newspaper. A piece of advise, use the official list from the Daytona Beach Chamber like everyone else.
Tomoka Pub has turned into Kick-Start Saloon a couple days ago.
Check out our on a upcoming article in which what organizations or persons that own some of these establishments. You will be shocked about who or what and their history. Crime never goes away.
Kick-Start Saloon has been renamed back to the bars original name of Tomoka Pub. The bar's (temporary) new owners might have overlook the fact that there is no special events in Ormond Beach.
Mr. Bad to the Bone himself (George Thorogood & the Destroyers) will be performing at the Riverside Park(the park along Beach St.) on March 6 (Sat) at 9:00pm(according to The Daytona Chamber is  listing the event at 8:00pm. That little-big motocycle store on Beach St. is listing no info at all(the people who is probably paying for George).
Styx (the 70's rock band) is coming to the Broke Spoke Saloon on March 4(Thurs) at 8:00pm. Check here for a live free broadcast since they normally exceed the county's noise ordinance.  You probably hear them on our normal bikeweek broadcast on north U.S. 1. Our north U.S. 1 broadcast is now live and the sound will be turned on at the beginning of Bike Week.
Only 4 more days before Bike Week 2004 starts.
The vendors are already setting up today on Beach St. and Main St.
Here is some photos around 5 p.m. of north U.S. 1 today and some photos of Beach and Main St. tomorrow.
Iron Horse
Broken Spoke
Ormond Beach new sign for the Industrial Park

Rain, rain, rain and more rain. There will be more rain for the next 2 days.